MAAR history

Macedonian  Association against Rheumatism exists from 1975. In the beginning it was  registered under the name Rheumatology Section, as a part of Macedonian  Association of Physicians (MLD).

After the  1990 the Organisation was accepted in European League  against Rheumatism (EULAR), under the name  Macedonian Association against Rheumatism (MAAR). With  this connection, MAAR has entered into a new phase of development, with better  relations with the European organizations that represent clinicians, patients  and scientists who work in the field of rheumatology.

In  2007 the Organisation was registered as an independent nongovernmental  organisation with fool responsibilities.

MAAR Presidents

Since 1975, when the Macedonian Association against Rheumatism exists, numerous distinguished rheumatologists have  served as Presidents.

  • The first president of the  Organisation, from 1975 to 1980, was Prof. d-r Boginja Guceva
  • From 1980 to 1988 a president was Prof d-r Ljubomir Caparoski
  • From 1988 to 1999 a president was Prof. d-r Aleksandar Pusevski
  • From 1990 to 2006 a president was Prof. d-r Jordan Calovski
  • Since 2006 actual president is Prof. d-r Snezana Misevska - Percinkova.