Welcome to MAAR

Macedonian Association Against  Rheumatism – MAAR is the organization which represents the physicians,  patients, and other health professionals which are occupied with the problems  of the rheumatic diseases of the connective tissue, loco motor and  musculoskeletal systems in Macedonia.

Main goals of the organization are  to stimulate, promote, and support the research, prevention, treatment and  rehabilitation of rheumatic diseases.

MAAR supports the people with  arthritis/rheumatism on a national level. These activities include raising  awareness of the disease, defending the civil rights of people with arthritis  and working for better and easier access to the latest and most appropriate  treatments for people with rheumatic diseases.

PHI University Clinic of rheumatology - Skopje


NORA - Macedonian Social League against Rheumatism

The Macedonian Social League against  Rheumatism (NORA) is non government organization which supports people with  arthritis/rheumatism on a national level. Activities of the Organization  includes work with and for people w... повеќе